In order to satisfy the needs of demanding customers, Meaders Feeds Ltd provides products of superior quality. Each raw material used for the production of feeds is tested by our laboratory technicians. Also, all finished feeds are scrupulously analyzed to ensure their compliance with the company’s standards. Product quality is continuously upgraded to guarantee a safe feed.

Animals Products Datasheets
Broiler Elite Range, Premium Range, Select Range, Gamme Plus, Gamme Fermier Broiler Chicken – Technical Sheet
Layer Laying Mash Range, Golden Lay Range, Gamme Ponte + Laying Hen – Technical Sheet
Cattle and dairy cows, Goat LStandard Range, Premium Range, Supplements Ruminants Feeds – Technical Sheet
Pig Porcy Range, Topporc Range, Speciality Piglet Feeds Pig Feeds – Technical Sheet
Rabbit / Duck, Fish / Prawn, Bird / Tortoise Rabbit & Tortoise Feeds, Duck Feeds, Fish Feeds, Bird Feeds, Speciality Feeds Duck Feeds – Technical Sheet
Dog Chewli, Ti-Chewli, Croq’Dog Chewli