Sales: Local & regional

Meaders Feeds Ltd produces and distributes a wide range of animal products to satisfy the needs of its large customers. Our company benefit from technical support from Spesfeed and Provimi, the latter being the world number one in the animal feed industry. Feeds produced are in mash, crumbles, pellets and extruded and are delivered in bags or in bulk. The company has a fleet of 6 lorries so as to offer a rapid and efficient delivery service.

In order to satisfy its customers, Meaders Feeds Ltd supplies an efficient and personalized service through its technical salesmen. As local customers, it has Innodis Ltd, the biggest broiler producer and Inicia Ltd, le biggest egg producer and more than 400 small, medium and big farmers.

Other customers are spread over the regional market. Meaders Feeds Ltd therefore contributes to farm development in the Indian Ocean islands. With its large range of products, it can meet farmers’ requirements.