Meaders Feeds Ltd employs 128 people and one of its objectives is to have qualified personnel at all levels of the organization, hence the need to provide relevant training to all its employees. Members of the Management and Technical team benefit from regular training locally and abroad. Due to the specificity of the industry, it is of the utmost importance to keep abreast of all innovations and new technologies related to animal feed production. As such, key staff members attend internationally known forums such as Space in France or AFMA in South Africa on a regular basis with occasional invitations to key customers.

A Training Plan is set up on a yearly basis further to a thorough assessment of the training requirements of the personnel merged with those of the company. People are the key assets of Meaders Feeds Ltd and their personal growth and the opportunity to widen their qualifications and knowledge is a definite benefit to their performance, allowing the company to move forward in the interest of all stakeholders. Team-building activities, family days and other events are held regularly so as to create team spirit between employees. So as to ensure the welfare of employees, the latter are provided with medical facilities, long service employee awards and vouchers as end of year gifts.